TGV ready for cinema reopening

TGV ready for cinema reopening

TGV Cinemas will open ticket sales tomorrow for Hollywood Blockbusters namely Black Widow, The Suicide Squad and Jungle Cruise, releasing on September 23.

In a statement today, the cinema operator said 13 TGV locations would also open their doors starting tomorrow, inviting TGV MovieClub members back for free screenings until September 19.

This will be followed by discounted tickets and food and beverage (F&B) specials for limited screenings until nationwide opening on September 23.

However, TGV Cinemas will only permit F&B sales online via its app to comply with new cinema standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Guests can simply order their cinema snacks via the TGV app and collect items at the counter before entering the movie theatre.

“Our guest surveys clearly indicate that moviegoers prefer to order cinema snacks once they are physically at our cinemas, the in-app F&B sales feature is intended to compliment the natural behavior of TGV moviegoers while minimizing contact,” said TGV Cinemas.

The MovieClub members limited screenings commencing tomorrow will help TGV Cinemas prepare for its nationwide opening on September 23.

Sales and marketing general manager Mohit Bhargava said TGV Cinemas would conduct test runs of all its operating systems and SOPs in a controlled environment ahead of its nationwide opening.

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